A lot of web development is transforming JSON one way or another. In TypeScript/JavaScript, this is straightforward, since JSON is built into the language. But can we also achieve good ergonomics in Haskell and Rust?

Dear reader, I am glad you asked! 🙌

The comparisons we will see are not…

With Apple increasing their focus¹ on making the iPad a viable device for work, it is time to revisit using my iPad as a workstation for programming.

I rely heavily on command-line tools and language-specific tools (rust-analyser, node, ghcide, etc.) for my day-to-day programming, and my current setup features:

Recently I was faced with the challenge of having to migrate a set of AWS DynamoDB tables to completely new tables. We wanted to achieve this without affecting any of our users, and without having a maintenance window while migrating data from the old table to the new ones.


A lot of progress has been going on to make Haskell work on mobile natively, instead of e.g. generating JavaScript via GHCJS and using that. Unfortunately, not much documentation exists yet on how to build a project using these tools all together.

This post will be an attempt to piece…

Not much literature exist on using Electron as a GUI tool for Haskell development, so I thought I'd explore the space a little. …

Haskell/Hakyll + JavaScript + SCSS
Haskell/Hakyll + JavaScript + SCSS

This seems to be an often asked question, so I thought I’d try and share the approach that I’ve arrived at after having explored a couple of solutions to the problem. If you want to see the full code in action, check out the repo for the codetalk.io site (linking…

In a recent thread on /r/haskell about how to motivate the AMP proposal in teaching, I read a comment that finally helped me understand the purpose of Functors, Applicatives and Monads.

Wait, what is AMP?

For the reader that hasn’t followed this debacle, the AMP proposal is basically about making Applicative a superclass of…

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Helping Famly grow 🌱🚿 • Previously built the IoT platform at Blackbird • Rust/Haskell/Serverless enthusiast ☁️

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