Using Electron with Haskell

...electron files
...servant files

Setting up Electron

$ cd Haskell-Electron-app
$ git clone haskell-app
$ cd haskell-app
$ npm install && npm start

Setting up the Haskell webserver

$ cd Haskell-Electron-app
$ stack new backend servant
$ cd backend
$ stack build

Contacting Servant/Haskell from Electron

Launching the Haskell web server from Electron

$ cd Haskell-Electron-app/backend
$ stack build --copy-bins
  • We are using the child_process.spawn command to launch our backend web server
  • We imported the child_process module with const child_process = require('child_process')
  • Defined a variable let backendServer that'll let us keep the backend server from being garbage collected
  • Added a function createBackendServer that runs child_process.spawn('./resources/backend-exe') to spawn the process
  • Added the createBackendServer function to the ready hook with app.on('ready', createBackendServer)
  • Close the backendServer when the event will-quit occurs



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Christian Kjær

Christian Kjær

Helping Famly grow 🌱🚿 • Previously built the IoT platform at Blackbird • Rust/Haskell/Serverless enthusiast ☁️